The Network and Advanced Services Laboratory of the Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering supports the educational project and conducts applied and basic research in network communication areas and advanced telecommunications services. More specifically, laboratory activities include development of algorithms, methods, techniques and systems for introducing intelligence, cognitive functions and capabilities of adaptability and personalization in networks and services. Multi-criteria optimization techniques, advanced forecasting, maching learning, and diagnostics mechanisms, as well as decision support systems are proposed, developed, implemented, enabling knowledge to be exported and converted into personalized information, providing promising solutions to complex applications, including smart cities, precision agriculture, smart grids, smart water solutions (natural and environmental resources) for their efficient management, while the main goal is the the research and the provision of IT and Telecommunications solutions to support the sustainable development of the Region of Western Macedonia.


AgroSense is a relatively young but pioneering company in developing and delivering technologically advanced, innovative Wireless Sensor and IoT solutions with a focus on agri-food applications and in particular precision farming and food monitoring.

AgroSense has substantially documented experience in implementing and delivering innovative remote data management solutions related to agriculture (including agronomic, meteorological, environmental, soil). Cooperates with private and public bodies (exemplary Region of Western Macedonia, Agricultural Cooperatives).

AgroSense was created in 2014 with a vision to harness, enhance and promote the international trend for the use of state-of-the-art telemetry technologies in the agri-food sector and in particular in precision agriculture. Thanks to its patented algorithms, it offers competitive products of its own, with a strong know-how advantage.


DEYAK was founded in 1985 and started operating in 1988. The object of the company is Water Supply, Sewerage and District Heating.

In 2018, DEYAK received a management system certificate in accordance with EN ISO 9001: 2015 from the company TUV HELLAS (TUV NORD) for: Provision of Water Supply, Sewerage, District Heating Services, Wastewater Management and Treatment, Planning, Design and Implementation of Water, Sewerage and District Heating Projects.

The timely and effective utilization of all the opportunities and possibilities provided by the various European and national programs, in combination with the proper investment of its own resources, led it to the construction of modern water supply - sewerage - district heating and biological treatment plants that are capable of meet not only the current but also the future needs of the Municipality, ensuring the necessary hygiene conditions of citizens and protecting the environment. At the same time, it methodically organized its services, so that it adequately responds to the demands and requests of the residents of the Municipality of Kozani.

Consequently, the research interests of the institution are related to the water supply, ensuring the incomprehensible and safe water supply, in combination with the protection of the environment.