1. Design and development of an integrated, automated and optimized IoT irrigation system, utilizing and reusing treated wastewater. It is planned to create innovative gateway and network server, which will be accompanied by easy to use application server and application protocol interfaces (APIs).

2. Support for optimal decision making by combining real-time data from crops and biological treatment with reliable open data from free gateways, creating automated correlations and utilizing intelligent machine learning and prediction algorithms for optimal water resource management, and the automation of irrigation processes in crops, reusing treated wastewater of suitable quality for use in precision agriculture.

3. Creation of new software and applications for biological treatment managers and farmers.



The benefits of the AUGEIA ecosystem are manifold, both environmental and economic and social. It is foreseen:

  • Promoting the utilization of treated wastewater in a safe and efficient way
  • Saving water resources through: a) reuse (direct or indirect) of reclaimed wastewater for irrigation under Precision Agriculture, b) estimation of water resources needs for irrigation of crops and c) detection of leaks and immediate information to responsible managers and producers, making a significant contribution to tackling the effects of water scarcity and drought in the Mediterranean region, especially in the light of climate change.
  • Reduce the use of chemical ingredients in the context of Agriculture Precision through the reuse of reclaimed water of biological treatment
  • Increase of producers' profit through a) estimation of water resources for crop irrigation, b) leak detection and c) use of reclaimed water of biological treatment with dynamic pricing
  • Increase profits of managers in biological treatment with reuse and dynamic pricing of reclaimed water of biological treatment
  • Promotion of new innovative products in the market
  • Creating new jobs and increasing employment in high-tech and innovation positions.